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Hi, I’m Gem, finally doing what I’ve always wanted and that is to write. A little bit about me is I love reality tv, paranormal, horror, and action movies.
My imagination is so active that I have many stories that I started and have not finished and my goal is to finish every one. All of my writings are fiction because, there are no limits to where a story can go and I love that.
I’m a mother with a son who I love and am very proud of. Writing sometimes is very hard for me, since after having a stroke, I battle a lot with memory and relearning things that I’ve forgotten. My issues are being my own worst critic and a huge over-thinker and that hinders my projects often. It may take time to get my work done and released, but that does not mean I am giving up. Thank you for being here on this site with me.



My Gems



”Trust and Truths”  by Gem Larmar, is a story of a woman who is HIV-positive who isn’t alone, but feels that she is because she is ashamed to disclose her status. She battles with love, friendships, and acceptance.

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